Why is my Shopify store unavailable? Answer & How to fix

Why is my Shopify store unavailable? Answer & How to fix

June 29, 2022

Why is my Shopify store unavailable? This question is often asked by many of our customers. As a result, we take time to research and collect possible answers to this question. I hope you can find the right reason that causes your Shopify store unavailable so you can fix it immediately.

How can you know your Shopify store is unavailable?

There are a few typical scenarios that you could experience if your shop is closed.

  • Pages start appearing empty, improperly formatted, or with strange layouts.
  • The links on your shop pages are not active.
  • When particular sections are clicked, unexpected outcomes occur, sometimes perhaps none at all.
  • Visitors are unable to finish checkouts or add products to carts.

Plus, you can’t access your Shopify store when there are maintenance signs such as “We will be back soon” popping up. 

Why is my Shopify store unavailable?

Below are some of the most prevalent Shopify issues, along with an explanation of why your shop may be down, and what you should do to fix it.

Shopify website is unavailable

First, make sure the issue is not with the website itself if your store is inaccessible. Shopify may be unavailable momentarily due to maintenance or another more severe problem. If the former, they will often notify you through email in advance. If the latter, find out the status using a service like IsItDownRightNow.

If your downtime continues, it could be a good idea to look into Shopify reviews and communities to see if anybody else is having the same issues.

Your domain hasn’t been verified

If you recently created a new store and it's not functioning correctly, it's possible that the email address you're using for your store is different from the one linked to your domain.

Make sure the information you provide to build the shop is accurate. You should also access your website's control panel to make the required modifications. Shopify will need to verify that you possess the domain before releasing it.

Unintentional Errors

You may have removed a file or piece of code necessary for your page operation if you've recently modified your store, added new items, pages, or anything else. In this situation, you had better restore accidentally deleted files from a backup. 

CSV upload errors

When you upload many CSV files at once, it's not rare for issues to arise, such as damaged files, column-naming inconsistencies, or programming flaws. Therefore, in these situations, the file usually causes everything to crash. Like the above situation, it is wise to perform a backup before importing any CSV files.

Incompatible themes or apps

Shopify app store has some wonderful third-party apps, however, sometimes they don't work well with certain themes or other apps. Your site can malfunction or collapse if you use an outdated theme because of compatibility problems. 

What should do when my Shopify store is unavailable?

Contact Shopify Support if you need help

When you initially build a Shopify store, it may be placed under review because Shopify has to validate some information. Therefore, everyone will likely encounter unavailability. Simply inform Shopify Support so that they can help you get back online as quickly as possible.

Send an email to support@shopify.com

You can contact the support crew by email at support@shopify.com. To make things simpler for them to compile your information, don't forget to include your ticket number.

Live chat immediately

You may communicate with a member of our Shopify support team using live chat. If you decide to verify with your shop first, it saves you a great deal of time.

Make a ring

Simply dial one of the following phone lines to get in touch with the Shopify support staff:

  • North America: 1-855-816-3857
  • Australia: 03-8400-4750
  • United Kingdom: 0800-808-5233
  • Ireland: +353 1800 851 000
  • Singapore: +658008526699
  • New Zealand: 07-788-6026
  • Hong Kong: +852800931270


It's also advised to use social media to notify people about issues. Twitter can be useful in this situation as well because all you have to do is send the Support team a quick message and they will get in touch with you.

Also, spend some time navigating recent topics to check if other Shopify stores have the same issue as yours. If so, there's a high chance that Shopify itself has errors, not your store.

Answer to why is my Shopify store unavailable: Final words

We know how annoying it is when you are looking for the answer to the question: why is my Shopify store unavailable. We hope that after reading this blog, you can find out the answer and fix the unavailability soon.

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