How to edit meta tags in Shopify in minutes

How to edit meta tags in Shopify in minutes

June 18, 2022

A simple and complete guide on how to edit meta tags in Shopify. Read this article to know how to write SEO-friendly meta tags to rank your store higher on search results.

What is a meta tag?

A meta tag is a 155-160 character summary that explains the content of your webpage in HTML. In search engine results pages, the piece of the text shows beneath your page title.

Through a proper SEO strategy, your title tag and meta description will help your website to appear more prominently in search engine results. If the meta tag includes the target keywords, search engines display it in the search results.

Meta tags aren't an SEO ranking criterion, but they do persuade customers to click a page. Therefore, meta descriptions are an important aspect of on-page SEO. They appear as:

 <meta name="description" content=, accompanied by the textual description.

The promise you offer to users is embodied in a meta tag. It stands out in a sea of rival websites and says, "This should be the site you're seeking for."

What is the best way to make a nice meta tag?

Now that we've learned what meta tags are, you're undoubtedly wondering how to make the most out of them to benefit your business? Here is a checklist for writing an optimal meta tag:

  • Observe the customer's perspective.
  • Make it special.
  • Write it as short as possible.
  • Make it practical.
  • Add a call-to-action to your page.
  • Add your target keyword.
  • Avoid using meta tag generators.

How to edit meta tags in Shopify store

  • Log into Shopify admin, click Online Store -> Preferences
  • Based on the above suggestions, edit a title & meta description for your shop
  • Hit Save

Search engines evaluate the title to the content of your page to see if the title tag accurately describes what the site is about. In search engine results, the title appears as a clickable link. There are a few approaches to make the title tag more search engine friendly:

  • Make a title that is distinctive and descriptive.
  • Put your most critical target keywords towards the beginning of the title for each product, category, page, or blog post.
  • Since most search engines reduce lengthier titles, choose a title of 70 characters or less.
  • Check to see if your title is readable.

How to edit meta tags in Shopify’s page

  • Edit website SEO may be found under the Search engine listing preview area.
  • Fill in a meaningful description in the Page title box. You can write up to 70 characters.
  • For the search engine listing, provide a description. To help new consumers to locate your link, use relevant keywords as well as your shop's name. Instead of lists of keywords, use natural, accessible language. The description field allows for up to 320 characters.

How to edit meta tags in Shopify product page

The editor will appear when you add a product. There, you can edit the title and the meta description. You should edit the meta tag and the title for each product.

The following is an example of how your product description should be presented. Shopify will populate their "Search engine listing preview" meta field with as many words of your description as feasible, as demonstrated below.

Final words

Changing titles and meta tags on your Shopify site is a simple task. However, if you know how to use the keyword research approach, the true magic happens. When developing your meta tags and conducting keyword research, make sure to follow best practices.

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